About the company

“One Village One Product +1 (OVOP+1)” is an organisation that provides business and logistics services to members of the «OVOP Association». The organisation was established in 2011 to activate local communities in the Issyk-Kul region of the Kyrgyz Republic. It aims to promote economic activity in the region through the implementation of the OVOP movement.

The OVOP movement originated in the Oita Prefecture in Japan. It is a strategic movement designed specifically to promote regional development around the world, with a comprehensive approach to community development. In the Kyrgyzstan it works to increase the income and wellbeing of local residents of Issyk-Kul region by developing new products, adding value to local resources, controlling for product quality, marketing high value-added products, and developing human resources.

The OVOP Association is an organisation of local producers. The Association has 300 groups comprising more than 2500 people. Its members specialise in various production areas, such as the food industry, beekeeping, felting, needlework and many others. OVOP products are promoted under the «Issyk-Kul Brand» trademark.

This trademark is awarded by the Issyk-Kul Brand Committee according to the following criteria: certified, made from local and natural resources, natural, unique design.


Product type, HS code

  • Honey products (CN FEA 0409)
  • Various types of dried fruit

Vietnam, Israel, India, China, Russia, USA, Japan

Export destinations / volume

  • Vetnam, Israel, India, China, Russia, USA, Japan
  • as of 2018 — 679 kg


  • Eurasian Conformity (EAC) certification. The EAC certification or the Eurasian Conformity Mark confirms that the products meet all of the technical standards of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): https://schmidt-export.com/eac-certification/eac- certificate-conformity-technical-regulations-eurasian-economic-union.

Company details

  • E-mail: ovop.kyrgyzstan@gmail.com
  • Address: Tynystanov str. 61, Karakol, Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyz RepublicMs. Nargiza Erkinbaeva (Chair of the OVOP Association)
  • Mob./WhatsApp: +996 3922 51601