About the company

«Nurbolot» LLC is a family business founded in 2018 in the Jalal-Abad region of the Kyrgyz Republic. We are engaged in the wholesale of dried fruit and in particular organic dried apples within the country, and are now planning to enter foreign markets. We are new to export, but we are determined to do our best to build successful partnerships.


Product type, HS code

  • Dried organic wild apples, 081330

Export destinations / volume

  • We have no export experience yet, but our present goal is to find partners for export


  • In order to pursue our plans for export, we are currently looking into the process of obtaining international certifications

Company details

  • E-mail: ulara.kg78a@mail.ru
  • Address: K. Nazarov str. 23, Yntymak village, Suzak district, Jalal-Abad region, Kyrgyz Republic
  • Contact person: Ms. Ulara (manager)
  • Mob./WhatsApp: : +996 777 580 964