About the company

Unique production of abr fabrics and products from them for the fashion industry.

Production of silk, cotton and woolen fabrics, products for decor and interior design.

Making carpets and handmade rugs from silk and wool.

Preserving the traditions of Abrovo art is the main sector of the company’s activity. At this time, the company has collected about 6000 Abra patterns, of which 300 have been studied with the correct name of the drawings, their designations and symbolism.

Working with various museums and restorers around the world, the company restores lost fabrics, costumes and various fabric products.

The production site «ABR MATOLAR — EDGORLIK» is a unique and the only preserved historical part in the production of Abra fabrics and carpets on the Great Silk Road. This place has become both a tourist and a handicraft center of the Fergana Valley.


Product type, HS code

  • Fabrics (silk, cotton, woolen)
  • Carpets (hand made)
  • National men’s and women’s clothing

Export destinations / volume

  • Europe, Asia, America, Australia. E-commerce


  • Certificate of origin
  • ST-1 form certificate
  • Own production certificate

Company details

  • Email: matolargroup@gmail.com
  • Website: www.abrmatolar.com
  • Address: 115B Baraka street, 151000 Margilan, Fergana region, Uzbekistan
  • Contact person: Mr. SHUHRAT ERGASHEV
  • Mob./WhatsApp: +998903020873, +79650571973