About the company

Individual Entrepreneur (IE) Sultanalieva is a young company engaged in the processing of fruit and berries grown with skill and care in our own gardens, making products with a unique taste and high nutritional value, without additives. We are based in the Issyk-Kul region of the Kyrgyz Republic. Our company’s goal is to provide the population with environmentally friendly, healthy products and to contribute towards increasing the volume of Kyrgyzstan’s exports. IE Sultanalieva is currently working on launching the export of dried fruit and berries to Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member states. We are determined to make these partnerships a success, and hope to build new ones with countries further afield.

Above: dried apples; below: dried pears


Product type, HS code

  • Dried apples, up to 10 tonnes
  • Dried pears, up to 5 tonnes
  • Dried wild apricots, up to 10 tonnes
  • Dried rosehip, up to 5 tonnes
  • Dried barberry, up to 2 tonnes
  • Other dried berries, including sea buckthorn

Export destinations / volume

  • At the moment we are working on launching export to EAEU member states


  • In the near future we plan to obtain the HACCP certification

Company details

  • E-mail: ichkesuucoop@mail.ru; smu2211@mail.ru
  • Address: Ananevo village, Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyz Republic
  • Contact person: Ms. Muhabat Sultanalieva
  • Mob./WhatsApp: +996 772 336 502; +996 559 955 967