About the company

«EcoFloris» LLC produces high-quality tea mixes and herbal teas under the trademark “Bouquets of Issyk-Kul», a reference to the region of the Kyrgyz Republic where we source our ingredients from our local partners. Our teas are created from or with environmentally friendly, healing herbs and fragrant fruit, and are free of flavourings, dyes and GMOs. Carefully composed recipes, balanced flavours, organically grown raw materials, bright packaging and a production process that conforms to all necessary standards allow us to meet all of our customers’ requirements. Bouquets of Issyk-Kul teas offer a wide range of health benefits and expand the boundaries of tea drinking by inviting customers to enjoy a delicious bouquet of unique tastes and aromas.

Our products include 43 kinds of loose tea mixes and herbal teas, 12 kinds of berry teas in pyramid bags, 5 gift sets, and dried fruit marmalade — a recent addition. All our fruit is low-temperature vacuum dried to preserve its valuable qualities. We are also ready to produce teas under your brand and according to your recipes. EcoFloris is always open to international cooperation, and our proactive mindset is reflected in our promotion of agrotourism in Issyk-Kul and in our regular participation in local and

international exhibitions. Bouquets of Issyk-Kul teas have passed all the necessary laboratory tests and have the Eurasian Conformity (EAC) certification.

Left to right: black tea with oregano, thyme & linden blossom; green tea with mint, currant leaves, apple & pear; green tea with rosebay willowherb & rosehip; phyto tea from nettle leaves, oregano blossom, St. John’s wort blossom, amaranth leaves, rosehip, roseroot root, liquorice root & anise seed.
Left to right: black tea with hibiscus, pear & cinnamon; black tea with raspberry, mint & hibiscus; black tea with currants, currant leaves & rosehip; phyto tea for hypertension, from valerian, motherwort, thyme, mint, hawthorn, sweet yellow clover & rosehip


Product type, HS code

  • Tea with aromatic herbs and berries (we source BOP green tea from China and BOP black Ceylon tea), Eurasian Economic Union HS code 0902300001
  • Phyto tea, Eurasian Economic Union HS code 1211908609
  • Recently launched production of marmalade from dried fruit

Export destinations / volume

  • Kazakhstan and Russia, both through a trading company
  • Currently targeting the EU, Belarus, China, Mongolia, Qatar and the UAE


  • HACCP, obtaining ISO 22000 in 2022, working on the introduction of Organic agriculture Europe standards

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