About the company

“Altyn Aimak” (Golden Valley) LLC has been operating since June 2018. Based in the Batken region of the Kyrgyz Republic, the company is engaged in the processing and export of dried fruit. The company exports more than 700 tonnes of dried fruit annually. Today, it mainly exports to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and the USA.

In September Altyn Aimak hopes to start exporting these products in small volumes to Germany. The company’s production equipment meets food safety standards. Its facilities are located near the sources of raw material. This increases Altyn Aimak’s production volume and product quality, ensuring its competitiveness in new markets.


Product type, HS code

  • Dried apricots, 081310
  • Dried plums, 081320
  • Dried apples, 081330
  • Dried rosehips, 081340
  • Peeled walnuts, 080232

Export destinations / volume

  • First quarter of 2021: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, USA
  • 340 tonnes annually


Company details

  • E-mail: obozovk@mail. ru
  • Address: Batken city, Batken region, Kyrgyz Republic
  • Contact person: Mr. Kurban Obozov
  • Mob./WhatsApp: + 996 779 458 904